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Tire Service Oakville – Finding the Right Tires

Using the wrong tires for your car can result in serious problems, such as handling issues, a major mechanical damage or even a catastrophic auto accident. So finding the right type of tire for your vehicle is an important decision. Here are some helpful tips to follow when shopping for new tires at a tire service Oakville shop.

Choosing the Right Oakville Tires

– Ensure you know your car’s recommended tires. Check your owner’s manual to find out about the recommended type of tire and tire size. The vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is based on the steering, off-capability, load capacity, weight, and size of your specific vehicle. You should stick to this recommendation as changing the tire size and tire type could have a negative impact on the car’s handling.

– Determine your priorities. What do you use your car for? Choose tires that can handle the type of driving you’ll be doing. If you usually carry loads on your car or tow a trailer you should choose tires with high load carrying capacity, typically light-truck (LT) tires instead of passenger-car (P) tires. Light truck tires are also the ideal choice for off-road conditions.

The speed ratings of the tires should also match your needs. Heat build-up is the main cause of tire wear and tear. Check the speed ratings of the tires you intend to buy. If you often spend a lot of time on the highway, you need to choose tires with high speed ratings (long-distance highway tires). But if you only drive in urban roads at low speeds, tires with low speed ratings are just fine.

In addition to a tire’s size, load-carrying capacity and speed rating, you should consider traction or the tire’s ability to hold onto the road. Choose high-performance tires if you plan to drive at higher speeds in dry or wet conditions. These tires have a rubber compound designed to help improve grip, particularly on high-speed cornering. If winter is just around the corner, look for winter tires designed for optimum handling and traction under wet, snowy conditions.

– Consider fuel economy. Tires are not made alike. Some tires can help you in your car’s fuel economy. Depending on the tire you select, you can realize a 15-20 percent difference in fuel economy. So remember to check the tire’s fuel efficiency.

– New vs. used tires. Buying used tires is a great way to save money on car tires. But you can easily end up with worn out tires that aren’t safe. Always take caution when buying used tires. Choose used tires that are only slightly worn, and inspect each of them for defects.

The Advantages of Going to a Tire Service Oakville Shop

There are many options when it comes to buying replacement tires. You can buy tires online, return to the car dealership, or go to the local tire service shop down the street. Buying tires online can be risky as the tires might not be at their best condition or of the right specifications. Car dealers replace old tires with original equipment (OEM) tires, which can be quite expensive. Local tire service shops offer the best choice for your car tire replacement needs. The local shop can be a national chain or a locally-owned establishment. In such a shop, you can find quality, reasonably-priced tires as well as experienced tire technicians to help choose and replace your worn car tires.

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